After completing his interior architecture degree at the Ecole Boulle in Paris and receiving a DPLG in architecture Christophe Ponceau establishes a close association with Gilles Clementand turns to landscape architecture practice.

He founds his studio with Mélanie Drevet engaging landscape through a wide scope of design projects, from large scale urban design to smaller scale private gardes. At the same time, he explores curation, temporary installation and exhibition as a mode of landscape design.

His research and practice situates landscape at the forefront of design an art. In the european context, while garden are ubiquitous, their rarely confront comtemporeity as an experimental mode of aesthetic and public engagement. Few creative gardens receive mediatized attention, even when they accompany hightly publicized architectural works.

As a consequence, Christophe Ponceau seeks to modify the perception of gardens in the collective imaginary and to associate them plainly with contemporary design. Since 202, as a curator an creative director working at the intersection of landscape, photography, graphic design, and installation, he has produced a serie of consequential projects that experiment with the full potential of landscape as a scenographic design pratice.

He delivered recently the garden of the new FRAC Centre (Fonds régional d’Arts contemporains) in Orléans. He is the curator of the quinquennale Lausanne Jardins for the present edition (with Adrien Rovero designer)

Actually he devellopes projects allying short-lived architecture, photography and landscape in Detroit (Michigan, the USA) in association with the agency Akoaki and the university of Michigan (Ann Arbor).